Namdalen Wilderness Lodge

The Lodge

The lodge consists of five buildings: A farmhouse, a goahti, a hen-house, a barn and sauna. All buildings have electricity, and fresh water from two wells. The Farmhouse: Comprises a hallway, living room and kitchen on the ground floor and

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Pikefishing in Namdalen


Namdalen is perfectly located in the Pasvik-area in the border area between Norway and Russia and 20 kilometers south of Kirkenes (main regional city). There is a calmness and quietness in the midst of the forest, far away from the stress

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Fishing in Barents Sea


You want to call yourself a true Fisherman ? Not many people can say they have experienced fishing North of the Arctic Circle. On this trip, we head out to the Barents Sea, where you will find yourselves at the

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Icefishing – Langfjordvannet


Namdalen Wilderness Lodge is located next to “Langfjordvannet” a freshwater lake with an abundance of fish, This Lodge is a perfect location for fresh water fishing in Finnmark, Imagine sitting around the open fire enjoying the midnight sun after catching

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Kingcrab catching

King Crab Fishing

KING CRAB excursion – WINTER Join us when we go out on the frozen ocean to catch the delicious Red King Crab and of course you get to taste the King Crab when we prepare it for lunch in the

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Snowmobile Safari


Snowmobile is a vehicle used for both transportation, recreation and sports. When driving snowmobiles in Norway you have to follow regulated tracks, this is to not harm or disturb the wildlife and fauna to much. Snowmobiling is fun and exciting

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