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KING CRAB excursion – WINTER
Join us when we go out on the frozen ocean to catch the delicious Red King Crab and of course you get to taste the King Crab when we prepare it for lunch in the fishermans house.

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The red King Crab originally comes from the northern pacific ocean around the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia. It was introduced to the Barents sea in the sixties when Soviet scientist flew it in from east Sibiria to Murmansk. From Murmansk it multiplied and spread east and west in the Barents sea. The idea of this project was to get more food in the northern region of Russia. The King Crab can get up to 1.8 metres from toe-to-toe and weigh up to 10 kilos. When first discovered in these waters it was considered a large threat to the environment because it spread so far and fast but today comercial fishing is doing its best to limit its population.

Its white meat is very delicious and reach high prices on the international market. ca 100 USD or €70 Euro per kilogram is not uncommon. You will understand why when you get to taste some fresh king crab for the first time.

Our guide brings you out on the frozen ocean with snowmobile, you are passengers in his sledge. Here we pull up the crab pod to see how good todays catch has been and we then head back to the fishermans house where we get ready for a delicious seafood treat, the red king crab.

This excursion is available from December to April.


Telephone (+47) 78970540 PIC: Anne Koivisto
Kingcrab catching

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